Trucks, Pups, and Cycles

Sunday, May 29th
11am to 8pm
Horizon Events Center - 2100 NW 100th Street, Clive, Iowa

Welcome to the first “Trucks, Pups, and Cycles” event!
Whether you are a frequent biker on the Greenbelt Bike Trail, visit the local park with your pets, or simply are a fan of great street food and are always looking for that next great find...this is the event for you!

- Family and Pet Friendly
- Outdoor Games
- Greenbelt Bike Trail Access
- Full Bar
We believe that ‘If you build it they will come…’ so we’re asking you - the food truck fans of Des Moines - to get the word out on your local Facebook page, friends, family and anybody else you can think of to let them know of what we hope will be the first of many “Food Truck Throwdowns,' and the eventual creation of an actual Food Truck Park in the Des Moines metro area!
This is about COMMUNITY and an opportunity for the public to meet some of the newest trucks on the streets while also being able to visit some of their favorites over the years.
Bring your kids, your pets and grandma to this family friendly festival of fun!


Food Truck Actions

Food Truck Quick Look

Trucks, Pups, and Cycles Schedule*

*Please check with Food Truck Owner for other possible locations.
*Schedule subject to change without notice.