Booking a Food Truck

Booking a Food Truck
Mar 21, 2021 (Edited Jul 21, 2021)

There are over 50 active food trucks in the Des Moines area to find fresh-tasting food at lunch and dinner. You can find them almost every day set up in parking lots, office complexes, breweries, neighborhoods, and community events.

Over the past few years, food trucks have grown in popularity to pop up and serve crowds. They offer quick diverse options to satisfy everyone looking for a bite to eat. I often speak to those looking for a food truck for their special event, neighborhood gathering, or to feed their employees in their office. Lots of their questions revolve around cost and how many food trucks are needed.

Here are some tips to have a great experience with your event.

Reach out to your local City Government and ask what rules or regulations may come into play with your event. You may need to apply and get a permit.

Most food trucks need 35 feet of level space and a minimum of 15 feet of clearance. Having a marked designated area is expected before the food truck arrives. A food truck will need to arrive 30-90 minutes before to get ready to serve.

Most food trucks will want to serve 150-250 orders per event or 50-60 per hour. With that in mind, most trucks will serve during lunch or dinner hours. We have spoken to many food truck owners, and they want a minimum of 100 orders and may require a guarantee for smaller events.

If you have a private event you most likely will have a set fee and menu. It is similar to hiring a caterer and is the most common method. You work directly with the food truck owner and pay them based on the number of orders to complete.

If you have a business or location with lots of visitors or foot traffic, most food trucks will want a guarantee on the number of orders. If the number of orders is not met, the host pays the difference. If you don’t have a guaranteed arrangement, the food truck may not stay for the expected time if the traffic is slow. Food trucks will typically serve during lunch or dinner hours. For a successful partnership, the food truck wants to deliver 50-60 orders per hour.

Most food trucks don’t want to pay a fee to set up at your event. Having a food truck at your event most likely will draw a crowd. If you are hosting a large event, be considerate and hire food trucks with different options to eat.

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